Selling Gold and Silver in Lockdown

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First and foremost, we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this third lockdown.  Selling Gold is the least of many people’s priorities, but you may be interested in using this time at home to sell some old gold and silver this year.

Selling Gold in 2021

We’ve talked before about different ways to sell gold in the UK, and why we think selling gold online makes sense.

But for the next few weeks all of the UK is in a lockdown, (a firebreak in Wales), and there are likely to be other restrictions for weeks if not months after that.  So what does that mean when you want to sell your old jewellery?

We’re Open for Business!

First and foremost, we have been offering an uninterrupted service throughout the lockdown.  As an online business, we are all able to work remotely in a safe and compliant manner, so customers can continue to sell their gold to us during the UK lockdown.

Selling Gold via Post

We use Royal Mail services for customers to send us their old gold and silver, and Post Office branches are open for business during the coronavirus lockdown in England as they’re considered an “essential” business.

Why sell Gold now?

There are a number of reasons people might want to sell their old gold and silver during lockdown.  Plenty of people want to book a holiday when we are all able to travel again.  Or people might want to help our friends and family who have been affected by coronavirus.  Lastly, being at home might mean that people are clearing out their stuff and just have old jewellery, rings or coins that they don’t use any more.

What can you sell during the third lockdown?

There’s no change to what you can sell during lockdown – at GoldMonkeys we will buy gold rings, gold coins, silver coins, sovereigns, Krugerrands, gold necklaces, cold bracelets, gold earrings, and so on.

How can you value your gold?

With so many high street jewellers shut, it might be difficult to take gold down to a local shop for them to test and value.  Don’t worry!  We have our own expert testers and team here at GoldMonkeys, and we can weigh and test your old gold and silver very easily. Just ask for a free Gold Selling Pack, and if you want, you can even lock in your price before you send us in any gold or silver.

Gold Prices in 2021 – is now a good time to sell?

Predicting Gold Prices is a very difficult task – some might say impossible!  Nobody knows where the Gold price will be in 2021, or beyond, but gold in the UK is at historically high levels.  So 2021 might be a good time to convert your old gold and silver into cash.

Why don’t you get in touch today and ask for a Gold Selling pack?