Sell My Scrap Gold – Is It A Good Time?

Scrap Gold – Sell for a High Price 2019

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Gold prices have risen this week to their highest value since the summer of 2013, meaning that we will pay more for your gold now than at any point in our history. 

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This high price is due to the combination of a number of worldwide factors which influence how valuable the yellow metal is at any one time. These include the signalling by the US Federal Reserve that it would cut interest rates which has lowered the value of the dollar, general currency and trade uncertainty, and the current poor return investors are realizing from bonds.

Sell my Gold – What Price Will I Get?

What does this mean for GoldMonkeys customers?  In March we were paying £27.23 per gram of 24ct gold, we’re currently paying £30.69 per gram; so a thin gold necklace with a weight of 15g would currently net you £460.35 as compared to March’s £408.45.  

Scrap Jewellery Should I Sell?

So, back to the question, is it a good time to sell my gold?  This is really individual to you and has no generic answer which can be applied to everyone, though we would suggest it comes down to 2 factors; do I want or need to sell my gold and will I get a good price when I sell it?  Many people will hold onto a gold investment waiting for the right time to realise its value through converting it into currency, which can then be spent on a holiday or a car deposit or to free up cash when money is tight. Ultimately it’s a judgement call only you can make according to your current circumstances and needs.  However if worries about the current value of gold are holding you back, then the current 5 year high would indicate that you would not be unhappy with a decision to cash in your gold now.

Online Gold Buyer – Trust and Confidence

Here at GoldMonkeys we pride ourselves on our excellent reputation garnered through fulfilling what matters most to people wanting to sell their gold:

  1. Our best price guarantee.
  2. Our ability to lock your price in at the very latest value, immunising you against price fluctuations.
  3. Our free, insured and quick system for you to get the gold to us.
  4. Our fast payment back to you.
  5. Our responsiveness in answering your questions.
  6. We are trustworthy and value integrity.

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