Selling Gold For Cash – Brexit Impact

Selling Old Gold For Cash


Cash For Gold – Brexit pushing prices higher

The gold price is highly volatile, and so finding the best time to sell your gold can be tricky. Unless you have a strong view on the price of your scrap gold jewellery, it’s better to just find the best price for your gold online, and then sell your gold for cash.

Brexit And Scrap Gold

At the moment, the Brexit debates have really helped the price of gold in UK pounds, which is as high as it’s been for over two years, at over £1,000 per ounce!

Brexit And Scrap Silver

Silver often closely follows the price of scrap gold and as you can see it is also a great time to sell scrap silver in the UK:

So, if you do have some scrap gold or silver jewellery, or old gold coins or sovereigns, now is a great time to turn that scrap into cash by posting it off to a gold buyer near you, with good online reviews. GoldMonkeys has extremely good reviews from Trustpilot, the premier review site: And of course, if you find the best place to sell your gold online, then you can sell your items from the convenience of your own home! And, if you aren’t sure about what old gold jewellery you might have, we have a handy guide to how much each item might be worth. 

Best Time To Sell Gold For Cash

So, while no one can predict the gold price, with gold high at the moment, now would be an ideal opportunity for you to turn that old gold and silver jewellery into cash!

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