Scrap Gold?

Four Unusual Gold Items Worth a Very High Price!

With gold prices almost at record highs, people are looking to sell their scrap gold and silver jewellery, both online and near where they live. So we thought it would be good to look at four items of gold jewellery and gold coins which would get the very best prices!

Indian Gold Jacket and Jewellery

In 2015, moneylender Datta Phuge ordered a customised gold shirt. It was made up of 14,000 pieces of 22-carat gold, weighed 3.32 kilogrammes (7.3 pounds) and was fabricated by 15 specialist artisans, taking them over two weeks! 

At the time, that cost £186,943 – want to know how much this gold jewellery would cost today? Check out our gold price calculator to find out!

scrap gold shirt

Gold coin

When you think about selling gold coins, you usually thinking about selling gold sovereigns, gold Krugerrands, or maybe gold Britannias. We buy all of those, but we’ve never bought a coin this big!

The Canadian “Big Maple Leaf” $1 million coin was minted the using the highest quality 24-carat gold and was worth over £3 million in 2017 – since then, it would be worth a lot more!

A group of people actually tried to steal it, but were arrested and imprisoned.


Gold Christmas Tree

Not quite our taste perhaps, but what better way to show off in your socially distanced 2020 Christmas than by spending £500,000 on a Gold Christmas tree? We don’t really know whether it’s classed as gold jewellery or gold furniture, but at almost 1000g, it’s a chunky bit of table decoration!

scrap gold tree

Gold Toilet

Yes, gold toilets have been made famous by President Trump, but even he doesn’t have one of these – a £1.5m gold toilet. It’s in the most expensive bathroom in the world in Hong Kong and was built in 2001 by Hang Fung Gold Technology Group. Back then, the Gold Price per Gram was only £6, now it’s more like £46!

You probably don’t have a gold toilet, but you can find out how much your gold is worth by checking here.

scrap gold toilet