The Colours of Gold

Can I Sell my Coloured Gold?

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Gold Colours

In addition to coming in varying purities which are measured in carats, gold jewellery also comes in a range of colours.  The good news is that if you want to sell your gold jewellery GoldMonkeys will buy it, regardless of its carat or colour.  Let’s take a look at the colours of gold jewellery you may have at home:

Pure Gold

Pure gold jewellery (24ct) contains at least 99.7% gold and has a warm rich yellow colour which is always consistent throughout.  This is the most expensive gold jewellery.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold jewellery is made by mixing pure gold with copper, silver and zinc to create an alloy. The gold can be made slightly darker or lighter by increasing or reducing the copper to silver ratio.

White Gold

White gold jewellery is composed of pure gold mixed with platinum or palladium.  It’s currently the most popular type of gold and tends to be more durable due to the properties of the added metals.

Green Gold

The use of this (sometimes naturally occurring) alloy can be dated back almost 5000 years, the ancient Greeks referred to it as Electrum.  It’s composed of gold and silver, the latter metal gives it a greenish-yellow hue.

Rose Gold

Rose gold jewellery contains gold, silver and copper.  It tends to be cheaper than other colours of gold due to the price of copper; copper also helps this alloy to be particularly durable.

Sell my Scrap Jewellery – Regardless of Colour?

GoldMonkeys will test your gold thoroughly and quote based on its gold content.  The carat of the gold is a greater indicator of its value than its colour, though rose gold tends to be cheaper because copper is a cheaper metal than those used in the other colours of gold.

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