Want to sell gold jewellery online? Do you have coins, rings or other items you’d like to sell but have some questions you’d like answered first?  Hopefully we’ve got you covered below.  In addition, feel free to contact us via Live Chat at the top of the page, or talk to us on 0800 688 9230, or email us at hello@goldmonkeys.co.uk.

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Not sure how much your item weighs? The handy guide below will help:

A hallmark is an official mark or series of marks on gold and silver. It tells you a few things, including who made the item and where it was verified. Gold hallmarks usually include one sponsor’s mark, one purity mark and one assay office mark:

In this case, the most important mark is the “purity” mark – it tells you how much gold or silver is in your item.

They are usually located somewhere discreet, such as the inside of a ring. You might need a magnifying glass to find it!

Below is an example of a hallmark on an 18 carat gold ring:

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The process begins once you have entered your contact details into our form, you have your instant quote, and you’ve clicked on the “Send Me My Pack” button. 

We will then send you a free gold selling pack via Royal Mail Special Delivery, over 99% of these tracked parcels arrive the next working day.  Once you have posted your items to us in the prepaid envelope via your local Post Office, it should arrive at GoldMonkeys HQ within another working day.

Our team will immediately test your gold and get back to you via email or telephone with a final quote based on the true weight and carat of your items.  Once you have accepted our offer we will transfer the money to you the same working day.

The process usually takes around 4 working days.

Yes! If you’re a first time customer and you send your pack back to us within 48 hours of receiving it, we will pay you an extra £10.

Each Gold Selling Pack is insured for loss or damage in transit up to £750. If your gold is worth more than this then you can increase the insurance level up to £2500 by simply ticking the appropriate circle on the back of the Royal Mail Special Delivery Envelope. You will have to pay up to £3 extra for this, but we will refund you the cost when we buy your gold.

If your items are worth more than £2500 then we will send you extra envelopes as appropriate. If you wish, you can discuss this with us via Live Chat on this website, on 0800 6889230 or via email at hello@goldmonkeys.co.uk

Yes, you must be 18 or over to sell to GoldMonkeys.

No worries! We have a useful weight guide at the top of this FAQ section which can give you an idea of the weights of different pieces of jewellery.  If you’re still not sure, don’t worry, we will weigh and test it all when it arrives with us and get back to you quickly with a quote.

Don’t worry! If you cannot find a hallmark, of if your piece doesn’t have one, we will thoroughly test it when it arrives and will give you a quote based on its weight and true carat.

Once you have requested a (free and insured) Gold Selling Pack you have the option of locking in your price.  This protects you from fluctuations on the market.

GoldMonkeys are right at the top end of the scale when it comes to our gold prices.  They are far better than the current market leader in this sector.  In addition, we have a best price guarantee.

We guarantee to beat any offer for your scrap gold (by at least £1) so long as it is from a comparable gold buyer (ie one who offers free insured postage, and the ability for you to lock in your selling price) and is made in writing, addressed to you and specifying the weight and quality of your gold and silver. Our Guarantee also includes the £10 extra we give to first time customers for all items returned within 48 hours.

It doesn’t matter what the state of your item is in, it will be melted down by our refiner.

Even though gold prices change several times a day, you can get a quote and lock in that price on our website calculator. We will honour that price so long as you send us your gold and silver within 48 hours of receiving your pack.

We update our gold prices daily or after any particularly large move in the underlying Gold market.

Unfortunately once you accept our offer, either over the phone or in writing, we will send it to be melted down, so it’s not possible to change your mind.

If we are unable to contact you by telephone or email, we will write to the address you gave us and ask you to call us. If after 14 days we have still not been able to make you a verbal offer, we will return your items; we will not use recoded delivery so we cannot guarantee their safe arrival.

This is fine, we are very happy to return any specific items and buy the other items you still wish to sell. If you are not selling us any gold or silver, though, then we will charge a £20 administration fee.

We’ll offer to buy any diamonds or precious stones in good condition. However the diamonds in jewellery are usually not worth anything; we will take them out and discard them. If you would like to keep diamonds or gemstones then please remove these before sending them in to us.

Bank Transfer

We will make a bank transfer to you on the day that you accept our offer; these usually arrive on the same day, but occasionally arrive the next day. 


We will post a cheque to you first class, which usually means you will receive it the next working day