Scrap Gold?

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Scrap Gold? Four Unusual Gold Items Worth a Very High Price! With gold prices almost at record highs, people are looking to sell their scrap gold and silver jewellery, both online and near where they live. So we thought it would be good to look at four items of gold jewellery and gold coins which […]

Sell my Gold Online? Key Influencers of Gold Price

Sell Gold Online Cash for Gold UK

What Influences the Price of Gold? Sell My Scrap Gold Now?  Key Drivers for Gold Value Is Gold a Commodity? To answer the question “what influences the price of gold?”, we first need to define what gold is in trading terms.  A commodity is a raw material which meets a fundamental need (like a fuel, […]

Testing my Scrap Gold at Home

Scrap Gold Home Testing

Testing my Scrap Gold at Home DIY Tests for Scrap Gold Jewellery Gold is valued according to the carat system which most commonly has measurements of 9c, 14c, 18c, 22c and 24c.  18c gold is 18 out of 24 parts pure gold, which means it is 75% pure gold (18/24 x10).  Jewellers have specialist equipment […]