About GoldMonkeys

Who we are and why we started

We are a small, family business based in Bedfordshire. In 2018, we saw a chance to make things much better for people who were looking to sell their gold and silver.

With prices at record highs, people are looking to convert their old jewellery into ready cash. There are lots of high street shops which offer to do this, but the prices vary widely and you often don’t get as much as you could. Similarly, there are a number of online services which offer to do this easily, but you have to pay for the postage yourself, or else you don’t know what price you’re getting until you’ve actually sent them your gold and silver.

That didn’t seem right. So, to make life easier, with the GoldMonkeys you can:

– get a market leading price,

– trust our free insured next day delivery, and

– know what price you get before you send off your gold!

Get an instant quote with GoldMonkeys now.

How it works

You just put in a few details, ask for a pack which contains everything you will need, and we’ll send it to you first class.

After requesting your free, insured, Gold Selling Pack you can get an instant quote and have the option of locking in your price.  Locking in your price protects you from fluctuations in the metal markets in the day or two before your gold reaches us.

Pop your old gold in the pack, take it to the post office and send it back to us.

We’ll pay you what it’s worth ASAP – into your bank account, by cheque or even by Paypal.

It really is as simple as that!

We combine the benefits of an instant quote gold calculator and best price guarantee with the equivalent of having a gold buyer near you whom you can sell your gold to.

Get an instant quote with GoldMonkeys now.

Feedback and Reviews

We have a top rating on Trustpilot: check out our reviews here.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions you can contact us at hello@goldmonkeys.co.uk , we’re always happy to help!

How much is your gold and silver jewellery worth?