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If you are looking to sell gold for the best price possible then you are in the right place. At GoldMonkeys we pride ourselves on offering our customers the best cash value for their gold. Unlike a lot of local high street shops and other online gold buyers, we pay over 90% of the spot price of gold, compared with between 50 – 70% for most other cash for gold buyers. It’s not just our great purchase prices that sets us apart from our competitors, we also pride ourselves on offering a first-class service.

Since we started in 2018 we’ve quickly become one of the top gold buyers online and in the UK. We’re so confident in our service that we’ll beat any comparable price offered by other online gold buyers. If you’re looking to get cash for gold, then our service is the perfect choice.

Simply enter your details, claim your free gold selling pack and send your items to us in the insured pre-paid postage. With no high street shop to pay for, when you sell gold to us you can be sure you’ll get the best price.
We track the market daily and this is reflected in the prices we pay. And, unlike other companies we pay you the price that you are quoted for your gold, so even if there is a drop in the price of gold, you’ll still get the most cash for your gold.

Welcome to GoldMonkeys – read our company history for trust and confidence. Chat with us immediately via the “Live Chat To Us” bubble at the top of each page, send an enquiry via email at or speak to us direct for FREE advice on 0​800 688 9230.

We believe that everyone deserves the highest price for their gold or silver. That’s why, unlike other companies, we don’t make you send in your gold before we give you a price.  Once you have requested your free Gold Selling Pack, you can get an instant quote using our sell gold calculator and lock in your price.  Locking in your price protects you from fluctuations in the metal markets before your gold reaches us.  Our prices are updated daily and are visible right here on our website – that’s how transparent we are!

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Are you looking to sell your gold, quickly, securely and conveniently for the best price? You’ve come to the right place! We’re dedicated to making sure people get the most possible cash for their old gold or silver.

We guarantee that, if someone’s made you an online offer of cash for your gold and silver, we’ll be able to beat it! You can see more details on this at Section 9 of our Ts and Cs.

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  • gold sovereigns
  • gold and silver coins
  • gold and silver earrings
  • gold and silver brooches
  • gold and silver rings
  • gold and silver chains
  • gold and silver bracelets
  • gold and silver necklaces
  • gold and silver pendants

…all gold jewellery and most things gold, regardless of their condition. If you’re not sure, just get in contact and we will be happy to help!

Just fill in the simple form with your address (so we can send you a free gold selling pack) and your phone number (so we can contact you about the gold or silver you want to sell online). You can then use our Sell Gold Calculator to see how much you will get whilst also having the option to lock in your price.  We have a handy guide to gold and silver weights and hallmarks on our FAQs page.

No need to go down to a gold buying shop or pawnbroker.  We’ll send you a Gold Selling Pack, which includes FREE postage for your gold and up to £750 insurance.

Just pop your gold into the envelope we send you, post it back to us at the nearest Post Office, and we’ll be on the phone to give you our best offer for your gold and silver!

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We pay by cheque or bank transfer  – whichever is the most convenient way for you to sell your gold.

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If you have a question we’ve a comprehensive FAQs page here. Alternatively you can contact us for a live chat via the “Live Chat To US” bubble at the top of each page of the website, you can ring us on 0800 688 9230 or email us at